World Kidney Day 2014

The WKD has been an incredible experience in many aspects , and exhausting in so many 🙂 It was the first time that meant so much, because the organization had selected me as one of the champions of the event and the ISN wanted to write a chronicle what the day meant here in Spain .
Thanks to fellow Alcer that allowed me snooping around the stands, included me in an interview on national television newscast behaved and great with me and all people who are interested in the campaign . Thanks also to the volunteers of the school of nursing of UEM did an excellent job with the info and measurements of blood pressure. I started from the first time to participate in social networks , asking for photos for the campaign #glassofwater and the response was incredible : My whatsapp flooded with pictures and support the campaign. In my visits to the stands I met amazing people , who told me their stories and they were really convinced of what they were doing . Soon I will write to the ISN the chronicle of the day, and I will do it proudly of what we have done here . So surely repeat next year 😉

David Pino

Friki, cocinillas y enfermo renal.

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  1. Wow Amy could these images get any betetr?! Love need to use these for their website, you look incredible and the back drop is beautiful, what a love sunset. These could be professional images! You look like a model :)I’m going to stop sucking up to you now! haha.I was sick on a night out on the weekend too 🙁 I don’t even think I drank that much, but was pretty funny! And after being sick I felt amazing ha! xxxx

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